Sexual assault charges against Ed Westwick dropped due to 'insufficient evidence'

He's back at work.

By Katie Stow

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains graphic discussion of rape and sexual assault.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has announced that it will no longer pursue the sexual assault charges against Ed Westwick, citing that there is insufficient evidence to move forward.

These dropped charges follow four women's accusations against the Gossip Girl actor, with many describing alleged incidents that took place in 2014 at Ed's house. Despite the personal accounts and evidence gathered at the time (such as police calls) there is apparently not enough corroborating evidence to warrant charges.

The investigation into these claims began back in March, but they have been halted. The actor's attorney released a statement to Buzzfeed in which she explained that the facts, "demonstrated from the start that each of the allegations made by the women would be proven untrue," and followed up with:

Now, Ed is back on set of his TV show, White Gold, after filming for the second season was paused because of the investigation.

Interestingly, Ed has now deleted the Instagram tiles he shared when he was first accused, claiming that he would work to overturn the 'false' accusations made against him.

Throughout this time, Ed's girlfriend, Jessica Serfaty, has remained by his side. She even took to Instagram to celebrate that "justice was served," for her significant other — with many people commenting on the post to warn her to be careful with her choice of words.

If you or someone you know needs to talk to a professional about sexual assault, contact SASS or phone 1800 RESPECT