Elle Fanning and Maisie Williams are in a new movie together and you'll wanna see it


By Laura Beck

Oh my goddess, it's another fucking monster movie! But this time it's about the woman behind the monster — the monster being Frankenstein's monster and the woman being Mary Shelley! Elle Fanning inhabits the titular character in Mary Shelley, a movie all about the life behind the woman who wrote Frankenstein.

Shelley herself was a badass feminist powerhouse who had to fight mountains of misogyny to publish one of the most iconic novels of all time. I mean, the woman deserves 50 movies, but I suppose this is a start.

And while Elle Fanning leads the team, everyone else in the movie is a knockout talent, as well — Maisie Williams (PS: Have you read this Game of Thrones theory yet?! ZOMG!!!), Joanne Froggatt, Stephen Dillane, and Bel Powley, to name a few! — so I expect this to be the movie of the summer/my life!

Mary Shelley stomps into theaters on May 25.