Emma Stone's reaction to ex Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds’ kiss is everything

TFW when you ex makes out with Ryan Reynolds, am I right?

By Natasha Harding
Emma Stone at the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes was a big night for Emma Stone. After winning best dressed in a freakin’ GORGE Valentino gown,

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Emma went on to win the award for Best Actress In A Comedy or Musical for her incred performance in La La Land

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Aaaaand have one of the most awkward hugs in history, which will forever be remembered in gif form:

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For any normal person, this would count as more than enough drama for a year, but that wasn't all that went down in Emma's night. No sir.

Amidst the lights, cameras and action, Emma’s ex boyf Andrew Garfield had a causal makeout sesh with Ryan Reynolds while her co-star Ryan Reynolds was accepting his award.

In case you missed it, here was said kiss:

But, in an interview after the show, it turns out Emma COMPLETELY missed the entire thing until an interviewer showed her the video.

In the clip Emma’s looks super chill standing next to Ryan Gosling (an incredible feat, if you ask us), when she is told about the incident.

“What? They did not kiss each other,” Emma said in disbelief, before responding like a total legend: “They did?! That’s hilarious!”

See it for yourself (and get ready to fall even more in love with Em).

As for The Gos’ response?

Well, he kept his composure a little better, simply stating, “I mean, I’m happy for them, honestly, you know? Good for them.”

“I’m happy for them, too,” Emma added.

TBH, if my ex made out with Ryan Reynolds, I would also be pretty damn happy for them.