Ezra Fitz from PLL DROVE rideless students to go and vote and democracy never looked so sexy

Hottest. Ride. Ever.

By Lorna Gray

Ezra Fitz might be a questionable sort of guy on Pretty Little Liars but his morals are usually in the right place (if we just forget about the whole dating his student and Alison ‘thing’).

But IRL? Well, Ian Harding is a wonderful sort.

Look, here he is DRIVING University of New Hampshire students to the voting polls. What a legend.

He swung by the school with fellow PLL star Huw Collins (who plays Archer Dunhill/Dr Rollins) to pick up voters in the swing state.

Both actors have come out in support of Hillary Clinton and man, dontcha just hate it when Hillary Clinton takes a selfie with you and you’ve got your damn eyes closed?

Well done for doing your bit, guys. God bless America. And Ezra.