Fergie’s New Heartbreaking Music Video Is About How Tough Celebrity Relationships Are

This ranks highly on the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” emotional scale.

Fergie and her husband, Josh Duhamel, just announced that they’re splitting up after eight years of marriage, but this huge news has just been followed up by Fergie dropping her newest single, “Save It Til Morning”, which has tongues wagging.

The song is clearly Fergie’s way of opening up about being in a relationship in the spotlight, as she plays out a celebrity relationship in the music video. There are a lot of flashing cameras, and you can almost feel the pressure both Fergs and her onscreen-relationship are under.

As for the lyrics, there are some that will hit you right in the feels:

The video isn’t all sad, as there are definitely some ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ (like any real relationship), but we can’t help drawing a comparison between this song and Fergie’s RIP relationship with Josh, and thinking that maybe the pressure of being in the spotlight was the final straw for the couple.

Regardless, we reckon this hit will be a biggie for Fergs. 2017 version of “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, ammiright?!