STOP EVERYTHING: First look at the 2016 Bachelor Australia contestants

Stop whatever you're doing and look at this!

HALT WHAT YOU’RE DOING IMMEDIATELY because the laydeez of The Bachelor Australia 2016 have been (kinda) revealed.

Grainy pap shots via The Daily Mail - see them here - show a possey of (mainly blonde) hotties plus the man himself, Richie ‘Cool Bananas’ Strahan, filming the new season of the show.

The scenes were snapped at Oatlands House, the estate home we all know so well by now that we feel we could find our way around it.

All the girls look gorgeous and stylish. One looks a bit like fashion blogger Zanita and another looks a bit like Whitney Port. That’s really all we have to report from this very first look, but we’re waiting with bated breath for more info.