FKA Twigs attacked by racist trolls

All because she's dating RPattz.

While normal people would be happy that Robert Pattinson has found himself a hot new lady friend (in the form of super talented musician FKA Twigs), some haven’t been so welcoming.

In fact, in a very serious twist, trolls have started attacking the singer online with racist slurs. While a lot of die-hard Twilight fans are hating because she’s no KStew, others seem to have an issue with that fact that she’s not white. Because the internet can be a horrible place.

Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday, the FKA Twigs posted two tweets addressing the horrifying racist comments she’s received lately.

"I am genuinely shocked and disgusted at the amount of racism that has been infecting my account the past week," she wrote.

"Racism is unacceptable in the real world and it's unacceptable online."

Here is a small sample of what she's being subjected to. Wrong on so many levels.

Do you hate humanity yet?

This isn’t the first time FKA Twigs has addressed racism. In an interview with Dazed she spoke about the taunts she received as a child.

"People said horrible things about something I had no control of, which was tough," she said. "I never really saw anything wrong with how I looked, it was more that certain people pointed things out to you about yourself. Either your hair's different, or the colour of your skin, or your features. Half of my life I've had people staring at me because they think I'm funny-looking and ugly. The other half of my life I've had people staring at me because they think I'm fascinating."

Hopefully Twitter's new policy changes will come into play here.