Full 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer released

Yes, it's here. We analyse its sexiest moments in GIF form.

The day every erotic literature and/or S&M enthusiast has been waiting for has finally arrived - the full, official 50 Shades of Grey trailer has been released online. And it’s as hot and kinky as everyone hoped for.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie oh-god-he’s-so-hot Dornan star as Ana and Christian in the sex-packed blockbuster, and this 2.24 minute teaser shows their relationship from the meeting timidly in his office stage, right through to the red room of pain. OUCH.

Oh, and as expected from the teaser trailer released just a few dayss ago... there’s also Beyonce.

It is a happy Friday indeed.

Want more? Good, cause we figured the only way you'd get the max enjoyment out of this trailer is if you could go back and relive it's sexiest, kinkiest moments in GIF form.

Bedroom eyes in the office, damn Jamie!

He ain't messing around:

There's dramatic walking and staring, so you know it'll be a must-see:

And no family dinner is complete without a bit of thigh-touching action...

picks jaw up from floor:

Uh, oh...

Yep, that's what we were waiting for...

You're welcome.