'I'm grateful': Gal Gadot responds to that Wonder Woman salary outrage

And doesn't seem too upset.

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has said she’s not upset with her salary from the recent superhero film which has grossed more than $780 million worldwide since it premiered on June 2.

Fans were upset when it was initially reported by ELLE that the 32-year-old actress earned just $300,000 USD for the blockbuster.

When asked about the controversy Gadot told a TMZ reporter on Wednesday, "I’m grateful and happy."

When the reporter pressed and said she deserved more for the next film, Gadot quipped: “I think I should get you as my lawyer to do the negotiations.”

While it was a jokey, off-the-cuff street chat, Gadot is quite probably in talks to negotiate a new fee for any upcoming superhero films.

Her earlier alleged rate of $300,000 USD is for sure a hefty sum but many accused the film’s producers of underpaying the their female star when her fee was compared to reports that Henry Cavill, star of 2013’s Superman Man of Steel film, allegedly earned a $14 million for his breakout superhero role.

However, according to Vanity Fair, the 34-year-old British actor’s salary might have been a viral misconception as it could not be verified. But, an insider did tell VF that Cavill wouldn’t have been paid $14 million USD for one picture. “That’s insane,” said the insider.

So, when you consider that Hollywood, like most other work places, has a real issue with a gender wage gap, how much is Gal making then?

Well, in 2014 a Variety article that reported that Israeli-born Gadot had signed a three picture deal, each worth $300,000 as a base salary.

The Variety report stated: "Limiting the deal to three pictures makes sense for Warners, since the studio still doesn’t know how auds will react to Wonder Woman in the untitled Batman-Superman movie."

Bottom line, it’s not uncommon for studios to pay actors a smaller wage on the first film, especially in superhero movies, and bump that figure up with box office bonuses. Also, depending on how well the film does, the actors have more power to renegotiate a new rate next time around. So, judging by WW’s earnings, Gal is likely to lasso a much larger pay day for what is primed to be a hugely successful superhero franchise. #GratefulGal