Gigi Hadid is losing her sh*t over Making a Murderer

She’s having the same thoughts as all of us.

Between being one of the planet’s hottest supermodels and doing whatever it is she’s been doing with Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid is ALL OF US as she too has been hard-core bingeing Netflix’s Making a Murderer. And she too has a lot of feelings about the show.

So many feelings, in fact, that she’s tweeted them in a tirade of Netflix-induced thinking out loud:

She even issued a spoiler alert, which is thoughtful.

Then Kim Kardashian joined the party:

Meanwhile, the directors of the documentary have defended themselves and their work following online backlash claiming they’d left out key evidence against Steven Avery. Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos say that “of course” they left out evidence, but that the series is not one-sided.

“We’re not prosecutors, we’re not defense attorneys, we do not set out to convict or exonerate anyone,” Ricciardi said at the Television Critics Association winter tour. “We set out to examine the criminal justice system and how it’s functioning today. It would have been impossible for us to include every piece of evidence submitted to the court. So we took our cues from the prosecution, what they thought was the most compelling evidence. That’s what we included.”

“Of course we left out evidence,” she added. “There would have been no other way of doing it. We were not putting on a trial, but a film. Of what was omitted, the question is: was it really significant? The secret is no.”