Gigi Hadid has seriously angered her fans

TBH, we’d be pretty ticked off too!

By Matt Galea
Gigi Hadid has seriously angered her fans

Gigi Hadid is in hot water with her once adoring fans, this time for blatantly standing them up! The 21-year-old was visiting London during Fashion Week to launch her latest collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, TommyXGiGI Spring '17 collection.

The socialite made an appearance at the flagship store on Brompton Road for a meet-and-greet but she reportedly only stayed for an hour and would only talk to people who were wearing wristbands, breaking the hearts of scores of fans who had queued for hours in the hopes of meeting their kween.

Unsurprisingly, the disappointed fans took to social media to let Hadid know how devastated they were to have been ignored.

"Would have been great if people who queued hours got to meet her,” Daily Mail reports one fan wrote. ”Bit disappointing she only stayed for less than 1/2 hr and only met wristband people."

"The amount of people that pushed was unbelievable, I got elbowed in the face and some girl was literally on my back," another fan wrote.

Some Gigi fanatics even travelled from far away to meet her, but were unable to find her at the meet-and-greet.

"I travelled to London to see you both today but I couldn't find you :(((," they wrote.

The unforch incident comes just weeks after Gigi offended loads of fans by mocking the Asian culture.

Her sister, Bella Hadid shared a video on her Instagram story of Gigi holding up a cookie shaped like Buddah’s face, which she imitated by squinting her eyes.

Looks like Miss Gig is attracting ~controversy~ RN like a moth to a flame.

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