So, it seems Gigi Hadid’s controversial “armpit hair” wasn’t armpit hair after all

Myth = busted.

By Mahalia Chang

Yesterday, the fashion world was veritably ~shook~ when Gigi Hadid - local normal human woman - appeared in LOVE Magazine's advent calendar with (shock! Gasp! Horror!) armpit hair.

The model was playing a sexy shadow boxer (this year's LOVE Advent Calendar has a decidedly sporty theme), and fans were quick to notice some cool scruffy pits when she lifted her arms to show off her impressive biceps.

As predicted, things got hairy on the Internet. (Yeesh, sorry.)

But, for those who stayed up all night agonising over the thought that Miss Hadid's body might have function like bodies usually do, don't fret! Sources from the set have divulged to TMZ that the "armpit hair" was actually not hair at all, but jacket fluff.

In an earlier shot in the video, Gigi is seen wearing a cropped navy jacket, which apparently was the dastardly culprit behind the 'fluff' which gathered under Gigi's arms. Obviously, since the model was so sweaty and greased up, the "residue" from the jacket stuck to her, giving the illusion of hairy pits.

Honestly, we're not sure what's weirder - that there was a whole uproar over the fact that a woman might have underarm hair, or that no one on the set of that video bothered to hit up Gigi with a lint roller.