Gilmore Girls is returning to your life courtesy of Netflix


gilmore girls reboot netflix

Just when you thought your love for Netflix had hit its peak, THIS HAPPENS: According to The Hollyowood Reporter, they’re bringing back your favourite fast-talking, coffee-loving, small town girls. That’s right, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino are in talks to reboot Gilmore Girls.

“Multiple sources” claim that Netflix wants to revive the show as four 90-minute movies instead of a series of episodes, with many of the major cast members reportedly in talks to return and begin shooting early next year.

One person not expected back in Stars Hollow is Melissa McCarthy (aka Sookie) as she’s basically too busy being a total superstar these days. Also missing will be Ed Herrmann (Richard Gilmore) following his death in December last year.

Fans were left disappointed when Gilmore Girls abruptly ended in 2007. The CW network cancelled it after seven seasons, leaving newly-single Rory heading off on Obama’s campaign trail and Lorelai STILL NOT MARRIED TO LUKE.

After eight years of waiting for answers, let's hope it's finally time.

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