Girl most Lively

With ‘Gossip Girl’ done, our December cover girl is starting a new business and a new life. Here’s a taste…

By Kate Leaver
Blake Lively

Blake Lively’s the kind of girl who retiles the bathroom floor wearing Louboutin pumps. She’s impossibly elegant at all times, like she’s eternally ready to step into a fashion shoot. She’s known to pop on a pair of crystal heels for the grocery run, when she’s having what she calls “a princess day”.

So we reckon you can take Serena van der Woodsen off our TV screens, but you can’t take all the Serena out of Blake. She may live and breathe fashion like her Upper East Side alter-ego, but there’s a lot more to the actress than just being drop-dead gorgeous…

Next-gen Gwyn

Everyone’s talking about the star’s new business venture: a lifestyle company and blog all about shopping inspo, cooking tips, recipes, travel ideas and, of course, style advice. It sounds very much like Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP blog, in that it’s basically a step-by-step guide to living like one of the most stunning women in the world.

While it hasn’t got a name or a web address yet, women around the globe are just about willing to trade in all their Manolos for a shiny glimpse into the life and wardrobe of this best-dressed regular. It’s a natural progression for a woman who says she has always had a creative side.

“I’m really, really thrilled about it,” she admits. “I have so many passions I don’t utilise when acting. Acting was something my family did, so I just kind of got into it by default, but there’s so much more that I cultivated, thinking that I wouldn’t be an actor.”

In other words, she’s about to unleash all her secret skills – and we can’t wait. Because this admirable star really can do a lot: she cooks, she writes, she decorates, she builds, and she’s her own world-class stylist.

She’s also 26, married to total babe Ryan Reynolds (who, she says, has even better taste than her), and she’s basically got free time for the first time since she was a kid, because she started filming Gossip Girl straight out of high school. After big-screen roles in The Town and Savages she’s still chasing a Hollywood career, but she’s clearly ready to let the world in on just what
it takes to be Blake Lively.

“Right now, I’m so peaceful. I’ve never been happier in my life,” she says. “Work is important, but my greatest passion is my personal life.” And with the blog she’s about to launch, she’s inviting us all in to that side of her world. And we know we’ll RSVP “hellz yes” to that invitation.

A big year

We reckon Blake will never be short of inspiration for her big bloggin’ adventures. In recent times, she has staged a top-secret wedding, wrapped up the final season of GG, found herself a beautiful loft-like home in New York which she’s been busy renovating, hinted at plans to start an obscenely attractive family (“I’ve always wanted a big family. I’d love 30 [children] if I could”), and started her own business.

She’s taken a year-long hiatus from acting, which she spent getting domestic and entrepreneurial – but she’s getting ready to step in front of the camera again. Phew! A face like that belongs on the silver screen.

Rumour has it BL has signed up for the ultimate fashionista film role, though she won’t give us many clues about it. Apparently, it’ll require her to wear lots of vintage Chanel… “For the first film I did coming out of Gossip Girl, I wanted it to be different from anything I’ve ever done but also representative of where I want to go, because now I’m in a different place,” she says.

“The story spans from the 1900s until the present day. The fashion is amazing, and my character gets to experience all of the different time periods and tell the story through fashion. It’s not a movie about fashion, but it is an integral part of who [my character] is and the whole story.”

As breathtakingly stylish as she is herself, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for Blake to bring someone timelessly stunning to the big screen.

Style icon

One of the coolest things about the star is that she’s never had a stylist. That’s virtually unheard of in the Hollywood Hills, but it makes her so much more interesting. When you consider that for fashion royalty like Rachel Zoe styling celebs is a full-time job, it’s remarkable that Blake manages her own look.

Think of every show-stopping ensemble she’s ever worn: the studded, red-leather Isabel Marant dress; the yellow halter-neck gown by Gucci; the red lace Marchesa mini (see left). It’s all her. The only styling tips she gets are via the last thing she does before she leaves the house: she sends a photo of her outfit to shoe god Christian Louboutin for his opinion – a cheeky privilege we mortals do without.

It helps too, of course, that during her Serena days she had as many as 16 costume changes in a single episode, so the wardrobe department was practically her second home. In constant fittings for six years, a bit of stylist magic was bound to rub off.

“I felt like I tried on clothes for a living,” she says. So she really knows what works for her: “I like a waistline and a nip almost right under the boobs, because I want
the lines of the clothes to make a journey around my curves, rather than travel straight up my body.”

If we can’t personally raid Blake’s envy-inducing, inspirational wardrobe, we’re so happy that she’s recently opened up about having kids with hubby Ryan, 37: “I hope to have a few girls one day. If not girls, they had better be trannies, because I have some amazing shoes and bags that need to be appreciated.”

Blake, if you ever need someone extra to appreciate all your handbags, heels and accessories – we’re here for you. Call us.

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