10 adorable Golden Globes reunions you might have missed

So much love at the GGs.

By Jessica Chandra

This year's Golden Globes were all about bringing people together in order to affect change in Hollywood after recent sexual misconduct claims. Actresses promised to wear black on the red carpet in an act of solidarity with sexual harassment victims — and they delivered.

Men also wore black and accessorised with Time's Up pins (though there is now the question of who wore pins for show versus who actually donated). Winners — mostly the female ones — used their acceptance speeches to talk about how the industry needs to change. Oprah Winfrey's speech had everyone on their feet, and now everyone has their fingers crossed that she'll run for President in 2020. It will really go down as one of the most monumental Golden Globes ceremonies in awards season history.

The Globes also give Hollywood people a chance to catch up with mates — after all, it's still a celebration of the best in the biz. Some were also paired off for presenting duties.

From Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley's adorable The Fault in Our Stars/Divergent reunion, to Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson's Harry Potter catch-up on stage, here are the cutest Globes reunions of 2018.