Celebrities who didn't wear black to the Golden Globes

For the most part, actresses and actors wore black in a ‘silent protest’. That is, except for these guys…

By Erin Cook

You guys, it's here! The 2018 Golden Globes are officially underway.

Just a heads up — you might notice something ~unusual~ about this year's Golden Globes red carpet. As widely reported in the lead up to the event, actresses and actors have chosen to wear black in a 'silent protest'. The protest is aimed at shining a spotlight on the culture of sexual misconduct and gender inequality that recently came to light, sparked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

This is a huge moment for the Hollywood entertainment industry! We're witnessing history. However, some actors seem to have missed the memo. Tugs at shirt collar awkwardly.

Here, a few of the 2018 Golden Globes attendees who are not wearing black:

Blanca Blanco

Meher Tatna

Barbara Meier