Gossip Girl co-stars say Blake Lively is an awesome mum

She's just good at everything. Okay?!

In the least surprising news ever, more people have nice things to say about Blake Lively.

If we’re getting down to specifics, her Gossip Girl co-stars Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Szohr are the latest to confirm Blake’s superhuman status and label her a kickass mum.

"I have seen pictures. And of course, I didn’t expect anything else - beautiful!" Jessica dished to Us Weekly of Blake and Ryan Reynolds’ one-month old daughter.

"Blake has a very motherly tone to her. Even when we were on set. She’s gonna be a great mum. I have no doubt."

Another person without doubt is Michelle who told E! News a similar story. "I think throughout my many years with Blake she has always exuded charm and exquisite elegance and a maternal side. So I think she's definitely meant to be a mother."

Meanwhile, we’re just consistently hitting refresh on Preserve for some first-look baby snaps. COME ON, BLAKE. We know they’re out there.