Leighton Meester spills on what Blair would be doing in 2017

And she would know.

By Erin Cook

It’s been four long years since the finale of Gossip Girl and, if we’re being honest, we’re secretly holding out for a Gilmore Girls-style revival.

Think of all the life lessons we’re still to learn from Blair Waldorf. Plus, the one liners we’re yet to hear. And can you imagine what the Upper East Side fash-pack would be wearing in 2k17?

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As of yet, there are no actual plans to bring Blair, Serena, Chuck, Dan and the gang back to the small screen. But a girl can dream, right?

In a recent interview with ELLE US Leighton Meester speculated on what Blair would be doing in 2017. You know, hypothetically… “Ohhhh... let's see...” Meester said. “When we last left Blair Waldorf, she had a kid with [Chuck Bass], and she was running her own fashion company. And I think it was going really well, wasn't it?”

Yes, yes it was Leighton.

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“So in 2017, Blair Waldorf is probably about to debut her new fashion line. She's probably doing New York Fashion Week! She's got a runway somewhere.”

“Obviously,” the clothes would be amazing.

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Leighton is currently doing the front row rounds of New York Fashion Week for the first time since Gossip Girl wrapped up – and on a personal note, things have changed for her, too. “[NYFW] does feel like it used to, but at the same time, my own life is so different. I look a little different, my hair got thicker [laughing], there are new things in my own life.” Including a new time-travel comedy, Making History.

“But Fashion Week is easy because I love clothes. And I will say, I'm one of those actors who loves promoting their show.”

Fingers crossed Making History will be as binge-able as Gossip Girl.