Grant Crapp's girlfriend Lucy Cartwright says she still "trusts" him

After all they've been through...

By Susannah Guthrie

Love Island winner Grant Crapp has had more whirlwind romances in the last few weeks than most people have had in five years, but his latest love interest says she has complete faith in him despite his rocky road to romance.

After apparently abandoning a relationship of some sort with Canberra woman Lucy Cartwright to find love with Tayla Damir on the show, Grant and Tayla dramatically split and Grant took to Instagram to beg Tayla to take him back.

When that didn't work, he made the shock announcement he'd reunited with Lucy, showing off their relationship with a steamy shoot in NW magazine.

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Lucy told NW she and Grant weren't exactly an item before he went on the show, but watching him on TV made her realise she wanted more than a friendship with him.

Now, the couple has followed up the NW chat with an OK! interview to give more clarity on their ~unusual~ situation.

"I guess it's unusual that we were so close, but not in a relationship," Lucy told the mag of their pre-Love Island vibe.

Asked whether she was able to trust Grant after everything they'd been through, Lucy was pretty chill.

"He's never lied to me and never given me a reason not to trust him," she said.

As for Grant, he said he would no longer consider a reunion with Tayla, the woman he once claimed to love.

"Nah, not right now," he said. "I value Lucy. Lucy has been through a lot and Tayla has come about a few things in a way I didn't really like."

He even went Instagram official with his new love, sharing a snap of the back of Lucy's head. Awkwardly, the rest of his Insta feed is still dominated by shots of Tayla.

We can't keep up, TBH.