8 weird and wonderful things that happened at the 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Tokyo premiere

Yes, Chris Pratt is amazing IRL.

By Jessica Chandra
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Tokyo premiere

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just kicked off their promo tour for the much-hyped and much-anticipated film in Asia. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and writer/director James Gunn were in Tokyo on Monday night for an exciting premiere, and Cosmo Australia was on the ground for all the action!

Seriously, you haven’t been to a premiere until you’ve been to one in Japan — here are all the amazing, and sometimes crazy, things that happened.

The premiere was held at a running track

This is probably one of the more random places a premiere has been held, considering there was nowhere to watch the (still unfinished) movie. But the stars and loyal fans still gathered at the Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium to launch the sequel.

The Cosplay was out of this world (or galaxy, you could say)

Considering Japan is the home of Cosplay, did you expect anything less? There were heaps of people dressed as characters from not only Guardians of the Galaxy — one woman stuck on fake hair as a beard to be Chris’ character, Peter Quill — but from the whole Marvel universe, including Thors, Lokis, Iron Men and more. It was NEXT LEVEL intense, but so good.

Anna Faris was there

Chris’ wife Anna made a quick dash down the blue carpet ahead of her husband. She didn’t stop for chats, but she did tell fans the movie was amazing.

Also, please witness this Instagram post that further solidifies Chris as one of the best husbands of all time.

The Japanese voice actors arrived ahead of the movie’s stars

Like most movies, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be dubbed by Japanese voice actors so Japanese audiences can enjoy the film without subtitles. Four of the Japanese voice stars arrived at the premiere in matching silver outfits, and seemed really excited about meeting the actors whose characters they dubbed.

Everyone lost their sh*t when the stars arrived

But in typical, respectful Japanese style, it was like a controlled excitement.

Chris revealed his favourite Japanese snack

If you follow Chris on Instagram, you’ll know he’s been documenting the snacks he’s been allowing himself while on his diet with his #WHATSMYSNACK series.

When asked about his favourite snack in Japan — because let’s face it, Japan has some pretty whack but delicious treats — Chris said, “My favourite Japanese snack? I’m all about that sashimi, baby! I love me some fish, so some good sashimi is a good snack for me. Every meal I’ve had so far has been great sushi and sashimi, so it’s been really nice.”

Chris hyped up this movie — massively

“This will be… Many people will consider this their favourite movie for their entire life,” Chris said at the premiere. “They’re gonna watch this, and it’s gonna touch a lot of [people] — I promise. I’m not just pumping it up. I mean I am pumping it up, because I’m on a press tour, but I feel very confident with this movie. I hope you like it!”

He followed it up with the Instagram post below.

Chris gave a special shout out to their translator

There’s a delay at some international press conferences with all the translating that needs to happen between everything that’s said. Chris, being the legend he is, gave a special shout out to their translator on the tour, Yoshi. “I wanna say one more thing. This is Yoshi, and she’s our translator. I want you to say this: ‘My name is Yoshi. I’m the best translator in the world! Everyone loves me! I’m the very greatest. You’re all cheering, and I know you’re cheering for me.’”