This guy looks exactly like Cara Delevingne's dad

And we can't explain it.

By Sammy Stewart

Once again, the internet has proven that The Vampire Diaries' doppelgänger theory is true.

This guy has discovered that he might be Cara Delevingne's father. Well, sort of.

Seth Hamby posted this tweet, along with two pictures, on Sunday. One of the photos (left) is himself and the other is Cara Delevingne's father, Charles, taken when he was a young lad.

The similarities? MIND BLOWING.

Twitter has since exploded and no one can cope with how freakishly uncanny the resemblance is:

There literally isn't any other explanation as to how or why Seth Hamby looks like Cara's dad.

FYI this is what Daddy Delevingne looks like now:

We're calling it. He's a time traveller.