iPhone hackers are blackmailing Gigi Hadid

They're threatening to release her previously-private photos and videos.

By Alex Rees

Gigi Hadid has been hacked, TMZ reports, and the culprits are currently in the midst of an extortion plot, threatening to release photos and videos they've accessed via her iCloud unless she pays up. Gigi is not negotiating though — a life-lesson she's surely learned from her mum's participation in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills* is that you can never indulge the crazies, because if you do they'll just keep coming at you — and has reportedly called the police as well as a "private security company" to intervene and, presumably, get her private pics back.

That said, in saucy Gigi video footage you can enjoy without legitimising the actions of cybercriminal douchecanoes though, please enjoy the bellow clip of Kylie Jenner spanking her following last nights AMAs.

Source: Cosmo US

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