ATTENTION WESTIES: Hailey Baldwin has been spotted hanging out at a church in Baulko

Do as the locals do.

By Sammy Stewart

During her visit to the sunny shores of Sydney (lol jokes the weather is gloomy af right now) Hailey Baldwin decided to take the Hillsbus to the western suburbs and find a little faith.

A few hours after landing in Sydney from LA, Hailey stopped by the popular Hillsong church for some much needed personal time.

"I really appreciate my spirituality. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without being raised that way so I am going to always keep it with me and strive to pursue and one day when I have a family of my own I am going to raise up my kids that way too," Hailey told The Daily Telegraph at yesterday's ModelCo launch.

The last time Hailey was in Australia (with Justin Bieber in 2015) Hailey attended a conference at the church and it seems the church truly left an impact on Hailz.

"The last time I was in Sydney I went to the Hillsong Conference which was five days straight of that. It is something that is really important to me."