Hailey Baldwin spotted comforting a teary Justin Bieber

What's gotten the Biebs all upset?

By Susannah Guthrie

She's not officially married yet, but spousal duties have already kicked in for Hailey Baldwin, who was spotted comforting fiancé Justin Bieber when he became visibly upset while out and about in New York City.

In new photos published by The Daily Mail, Hails and JB have their heads in their hands and their arms around each other while paused mid-bike ride on a sunny summer arvo.

It's worth nothing that this all went down in a VERY public place in broad daylight, so whatever it was must have been pretty bad.

While Justin looked fairly devo, Hails appeared to remain level-headed and chill throughout the episode and, shortly after the photos were taken, shared a rare shout-out to Justin on her Instagram story.

She re-shared the now-infamous snap of them smooching in a spa with the words "my love" and a heart emoji. The digital version of moral support.

So why was the Biebs so sad? The pair is currently in the throes of wedding planning, which we all know can be pretty stressful, so maybe he was stressing out over the tasting menu or the floral arrangements?

On the same day, he was photographed hurrying off somewhere whilst shirtless and, we've gotta say, he looked less-than-cheery.

We hope all is well in the wild world of Hails and Justin. Squeezing all those Baldwins onto an "intimate" wedding guest list is no laughing matter.