This is how rich Hailey Baldwin ~actually~ is

And this is before she gets Bieber’s bank deets.

By Katie Stow

Hailey Baldwin may have been lurking around our Instagram feed for a while, as a certified bestie of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, but since getting rather randomly engaged to Justin Bieber, she is hitting whole new levels of famous.

As the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, niece of Alec Baldwin, and now the future Mrs Baldwin-Bieber (we like the double barrel), we can assume that money will never really be a problem for Hailz, but we were wondering: Just how rich is Hailey Baldwin?

Here we take a dive into her successful career to figure out just how this lady is making coin.

How does Hailey Baldwin make money?


Hailey is represented by IMG now — which is, casually, one of the biggest international modelling agencies in the world — but her big break happened back in 2015 when she was scouted for a gig with Ralph Lauren.

Today she graces the covers of heaps of magazines and can often be spotted on runways across the world. Here she is looking like a goddamn queen whilst walking the catwalk for Ellie Saab:

Though we won't know exactly what Hailey makes for every modelling job (as the fashion industry are pretty tight-lipped about that shit), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most models based in New York make around US$48,130 every year. That equates to around AU$64,949, which IS liveable in a less-than-great flat, but isn't exactly rock star wages…

Designer Collaborations

Taking the business world by storm, Hailey has done a number of collabs, including one with Aussie label The Daily Edited.

She also did a shoe collection with Public Desire, a jean collab with Rag & Bone and a makeup collection with ModelCo. Busy girl!

This means that Hailey essentially becomes the face of the brand for at least a little while and that she has some creative control over the products they're putting out. Needless to say, these jobs pay gooooood.


While Hailz might now be a little less cringey than other stars when they share #spon posts of them plugging waist trainers and teeth whitening, back in the day she was actually part of the model set that (awkwardly) promoted Fyre Festival. You know, that festival that was an absolute shit storm and had to be cancelled because of what an infamous mess it had become?! Yeah, that one.

Her family

While Hailey seems like an independent woman, we can't ignore the fact that she's grown up under pretty cushy circumstances. Being the daughter of a Hollywood actor is one thing, but when that Hollywood actor is also one of the brothers in a triple whammy actor family, it's a whole other ball game.

To be frank, if she was to somehow randomly get into financial strife, her fam would probably be able to chuck some dollarydoos her way.

So what is Hailey Baldwin’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hailey has a sweet US$2 million stored away in her bank account. But now that she's engaged to one of the biggest popstars on the planet, she will be massively in demand for more collabs, modelling jobs, interviews, reality shows, the LOT.

But will she need it? Her husband-to-be, Justin Bieber, is rumoured to be worth around US$265 million, so if she wanted to quit the career life and just hang out with Kendall and Kylie sipping Mai Tais by the pool, she definitely could.

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