Hamish and Andy planted Ed Sheeran in a peep show as part of the greatest prank of all time

“Do you wanna peep at Ed Sheeran for 2 bucks?”

Hamish and Andy, radio kings and all round hilarious humans, have orchestrated what is potentially the greatest prank in Australian history with the help of Ed Sheeran.

In short, Hamish donned a blonde-haired disguise and tried to attract punters off the street to pay $2 for “a peep at Ed Sheeran” in a “very dodgy looking” peep show.

Meanwhile, Andy and Ed waited inside FOR TWO WHOLE HOURS until somebody was remotely interested.

“Are they just saying no, categorically?” – poor Ed.

“Got Ed Sheeran just sitting on a stool in there, what do you reckon?” – Hamish, really trying.

“Do you think we’ve priced it too high?” – Andy, panicking.

“Dirt cheap peep, dirt cheap peep.” – Hamish, still trying.

Finally, a young couple were talked into it and couldn’t believe their eyes when ACTUAL ED SHEERAN was presented to them from behind a seedy curtain, before treating them to 30 seconds of total ear sex with his heavenly tones.

From there a few more people became interested, and each reaction is as amazing as the next. You can watch them all here.

Disclaimer: Prepare for serious feels.