Watch Hamish and Andy ‘accidentally’ set Zoe Foster Blake up with Dr Chris Brown and laugh forever

OF COURSE their bit is the funniest of the night so far.

By Emily Kerr
hamish and andy logies 2017

Zero surprises here – but Hamish and Andy brought the megalolz to the 2017 TV WEEK Logies while presenting the ‘most important award of the night’ (their words, not ours) for Best Reality Show.

Based off the insane success of reality TV marvel Married At First Sight the guys executed a ‘science backed’ experiment to match people in the room to their perfect match.

Waleed Aly and Dr Susan Carland were paired up first, a sweet moment ensued, and we were all reminded that love is indeed real.

Next up – HAHAHAHAHA – Bec Judd and Tony Jones were matched as a wonderful excuse to resurface THAT gloriously awkward moment. #NeverForget

Channel 9 showbiz veteran Richard Wilkins was then ‘scientifically matched’ to ‘Richard Wilkins, from a slightly different angle’ (insert all of the cry-laughing emojis here).

Next it was ~sexy vet~ Dr Chris Brown’s turn to be paired with his perfect match.

“This, ladies, am I right, this is the jackpot,” Hamish said.

“You get Dr CB and you go home and you get out of here. You don’t hang around for the gold, you find out on Twitter if you’re lucky enough to get scientifically matched.”

Andy then announced that the lucky lady in question was none other than Zoe Foster Blake. And, well, you can see Hamish’s adorable/hilarious reaction above.

Never change, you two. And also, just host everything together forever and ever. K?