Hamish Blake’s birthday message for Zoe Foster Blake will melt your cold dead heart

Be cuter, you guys.

Fact: Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake are relationship perfection.

Every little bit of their gorgeous lives that they post on Instagram leaves you wanting more. Whether it’s so-cute-it-hurts little Sonny:

Their awesome holidays:

Or just generally anything with a caption because god, they’re hilarious:

But this latest one is gonna hit you straight in the feels.

Because it’s 2016 and it’s just what people do these days, Hamish took to Insta to wish Zoe a happy birthday today. And the message he posted will make you believe in love forever and ever.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful @zotheysay. I love everything about you but the top 2 that come to mind right now are that you close your eyes in almost every photo (but sunnies can hide it) and that you put your slice of birthday cake back in the fridge this morning saying "I'll save that for later" and I just saw you quickly had a few more nibbles before leaving the house. You sir, are the best. X”

Boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands of the world, take note, THIS is how you should treat your significant other on their birthday. (If not every day.)