Everything you need to know about Harvey Weinstein's arrest and rape charges

Some of the disgraced Hollywood producer's famous accusers have publicly reacted to his arrest.

Harvey Weinstein was charged with first-degree rape, third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sex act act in the first degree in New York City on Friday.

The May 25, 2018 charges come seven months after more than 80 women—including Ashley Judd, Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow—came forward with misconduct allegations aimed at the Hollywood producer; a controversy that helped spark and bring worldwide attention to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

As per CNN:

The charges brought against the disgraced movie mogul appear to be somewhat cathartic to some of his accusers with Rose McGowan and Asia Argento reacting to the news on social media.

On Thursday (24 May, 2018) evening, Rose, who has accused the 66-year-old of rape, posted this on Instagram.

"I, and so many of Harvey Weinstein's survivors, had given up hope that our rapist would be held accountable by law. Twenty years ago, I swore that I would right this wrong. Today we are one step closer to justice. We were young women who were assaulted by Weinstein and later terrorized [sic] by his vast network of complicity," she wrote. "I stand with my fellow survivors. May his arrest give hope to all victims and survivors everywhere that are telling their truths."

The Miramax co-founder, who surrendered himself to police, has his attorney, Benjamin Brafman make a statement after the arraignment that denied any guilt.

"Mr. Weinstein has always maintained that he has never engaged in non-consensual sexual behavior with anyone. Nothing about today's proceedings changes Mr. Weinstein's position. He has entered a plea of not guilty and fully expects to be exonerated," Mr Brafman told reporters.

Harvey reportedly received strict bail conditions with bond set at $10 million USD, a requirement to wear a monitoring device, surrendering of his passport and travel limited to New York state or Connecticut.