'The Haunting of Hill House': The true story behind the Netflix show

Sorry to tell you, but it's not entirely fiction.

By Susannah Guthrie
haunting of hill house

Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House has been terrorising viewers to the point of nausea and causing a meltdown on Twitter, and we're sorry to tell you this, but it's semi-inspired on a true story.

The show is based on a novel from the 1950s by author Shirley Jackson about a family who grew up in America's most haunted house, who return home as adults.

Why you would live in a haunted house to begin with and then go back there willingly is beyond us, but THERE YOU HAVE IT.

According to The Sun, the story is loosely based on the tale of two young British girls from the early 1900s, who encountered a gathering of ghosts while visiting the Palace of Versailles.

The girls got lost on their way to the Palace and came across an old farmhouse, where they were suddenly struck by a wave of "oppression and dreariness".

The Sun reported the girls came across the ghosts of men, women and even a little girl before reaching the edge of a wood, where they encountered the most terrifying ghost of all - a cloaked man with an "odious" appearance.

These girls clearly really knew how to express themselves.

An incredibly freaky scene from *The Haunting of Hill House*.
An incredibly freaky scene from The Haunting of Hill House.

When they later tried to return to the spot where they'd seen the ghosts, they couldn't find anything and reportedly noticed certain landmarks had disappeared.

They were convinced they'd somehow travelled through time — a key plot point in The Haunting of Hill House — and wrote an account of their journey titled An Adventure.

Look — the links are a little tenuous, but both these stories have one thing in common: They're going to rob us all of a good night's sleep and prevent us from ever staying at home alone. Like ever.