Hayden Panettiere pictured for first time since post-natal depression announcement

And she looked amazing. The Ukrainian flag’s working for her. <3

In October, Hayden Panettiere bravely announced she was taking some time out because she was suffering from post-natal depression following the birth of her daughter Kaya last December.

A rep told People Hayden was “voluntarily seeking professional help at a treatment centre as she is currently battling postpartum depression. She asks that the media respect her privacy during this time.”

By sheer coincidence, Hayden had to portray the condition onscreen as her character on Nashville, Juliette Barnes, battled post-natal depression for a storyline.

It was awesome to see Hayden out and about again, supporting her fiancé, Wladimir Klitschko, in his boxing match (which he lost, boo) in Germany.

Hayden looked happy and healthy and we are diggin’ the Ukrainian flag she draped around herself for support.

Great to see you, gurl!

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