All the times Heidi and Spencer Pratt have been extremely extra during their pregnancy

We are BEYOND excited to see this child.

By Jonah Waterhouse

In a world of too many wars, hurricanes and Donald Trump being Donald Trump, sometimes we all need a reminder that pure, unadulterated happiness is still very much alive. A prime example is reality television power couple and ex-The Hills alum, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who recently commemorated the end of Heidi's third trimester with an amazing photo shoot that was, of course, something only Heidi and Spencer could pull off. And we fucking live for it.

Here, we celebrate the moments Heidi and Spencer's pregnancy documentation hit peak-iconic over the past nine months, baby or no baby.

So, if you're weirdly Hills-nostalgic even though you're aware it's basically the worst show ever (like we are), or you pretty much just live for Heidi and Spencer's decade-defining antics (remember, these ARE the people that spent their entire $10 million fortune before December 2012 because they thought the world was going to end), then brace yourself — there's a lot to process here.

1. This EXTREMELY important crown/dog situation

Proving to us once again that they are the King and Queen of reality television (or of popular culture, honestly).

2. This epic, staring off into the sunset moment

This child has no idea how blessed it is at this point.

3. Spencer offsetting his stress about parenthood with some crystal therapy (because would we expect anything else)

"I'm just trying to keep it in my crystals" — Spencer Pratt, 2010.

4. This hilariously staged (yet still tender) moment on the beach

We're still wondering whether this was taken on the same rocks that Heidi climbed on in her endlessly iconic 'Higher' music video. No? Just us?

5. This impromptu 'Hills' reunion moment with Kristin

PLEASE tell us they're discussing a possible Season Seven. Or at least a Hills-cast spinoff focusing on motherhood. We're not fussy.

6. This video of Spencer feeding wild hummingbirds while 'Look What You Made Me Do' plays in the background

Here's hoping their child shares the same raw cinematic talents.

7. Their wonderfully extra baby shower featuring Jen Bunney (the further you scroll, the more iconic it gets)

8. This classic workout shot from their babymoon

We're not really sure what to make of this, other than the fact that only they could pull it off.

9. And, finally, this precious ethereal princess moment from the couple's most recent photoshoot

Would it be ok to say that we're just as excited for this baby as they are?