We're obsessed with Henry Golding's wife and you should be too

She legitimately glows.

By Susannah Guthrie

Henry Golding has blown up over the last few months thanks to starring roles in Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favour and also because he's ridiculously handsome and talented.

But we're here to tell you that if you're in love with Henry Golding, you need to meet Henry Golding's wife. Because she's even better.

Her name is Liv Lo and she's a TV presenter and yoga instructor based in Singapore. For those of you who don't know, Henry got his start as a TV presenter after transitioning from a career as a hairdresser.

Here Liv and Henry are posing for Harper's Bazaar Malaysia. Please appreciate both of their flawless faces.

These two are what we like to call a power couple.

Liv is a former model of Taiwanese and Italian descent who transitioned into yoga and fitness after 10 years in the modelling industry and now owns her own fitness program called Fitsphere.

They recently made a red carpet appearance together at the New York premiere of A Simple Favour and absolutely dominated the red carpet with their #couplegoals.

Henry, 31, and Liv, 32, have been together since 2011, when they met at a nightclub in Singapore on New Year's Eve.

Liv posted about their first meeting on Instagram revealing she did some drastic things to get Henry's attention.

"I knew you had noticed me but didn't introduce yourself. Disappointed, I tried all my craziest wildest efforts, including dancing on speakers, to grab your attention," she wrote.

"If you weren't going to speak to me, I knew I would have to. As I was leaving you walked behind me. Here was my chance. I had nothing to lose. I turned around and said, 'Hi, I am leaving and you're never going to see me again.'"

Henry proposed to Liv on a beach in Thailand at sunset and they got married in August 2016 in a stunning poolside ceremony in Malaysia.

Then they honeymooned in Venice and Croatia because of course they did. Why waste those photogenic looks on a deserted island?

When they're not travelling the world for fun, they're travelling for work. Henry spends most of his time in Los Angeles and New York for work commitments and, while Liv often joins him, they spend a fair bit of time apart.

But that's OK! Because they're rock solid and are all about being a team. Just a quick glance at their social media proves they are each other's biggest fans and supporters.

Liv has spoken about their approach to marriage on Instagram writing: "We are best friends, lovers and partners. We don't define our relationship by the time we spend together, but by the quality of our lives as a whole. Because simply, we are individuals together and together individual. How lucky #teamgolding."

Love this. Liv has also addressed all the questions they get asked about kids, saying: "Getting married does not mean settling down and having a baby. Probably the most common question I hear is when we will have children. While I understand the excitement around having children Henry and I are a young married couple. We will have children when we are ready to not because we are married."


In case her rockin' bod wasn't evidence enough, Liv is a proper fitness guru and her YouTube channel is full of helpful tips for staying fit on the go.

This squat challenge video is our current fave:

There are probably plenty of challenges that come with a hectic, long-distance marriage, but Henry and Liv make it look easy.

Henry was open about how his quick rise to fame impacted on Liv, telling The View: "The biggest challenge for me wasn't the filming. It was knowing the fact that my wife had to see me falling for someone else on screen. But she came to grips with it and it was a learning process for the both of us."

Watch him address it below:

Good on you, cuties. Keep making us believe in love.