Here is a video of Nick Jonas having sex (NSFW!)

He’s acting, but still.

Here is a video of Nick Jonas having sex (NSFW!)

One time chastity ring enthusiast and all-round babe, Nick Jonas has been seriously raunching up his image lately.

Like with this Flaunt magazine shoot:

Or this interview, where he reveals that his new TV project features sex scenes:

When a fan asked Jonas if he would ever consider doing a nude scene for a project, the performer revealed, "Oh, I just did a lot of nudity." He added, "Yeah, there was like three or four sex scenes [in 'Kingdom']." Jonas also hinted that his character may be questioning his sexual orientation in future episodes. He explained, "Another little thing is my character has a big storyline… revolving around his sexuality."

Now, all the rebranding and teasing has culminated in this video evidence, courtesy of Vine user ‘DemiLover’ and DirectTV drama series Kingdom, in which Nick plays an MMA fighter who enjoys a good bone.

Yep, we’re also speechless.

As you were.