Here's what happens when you try to take a sneaky pic of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield at dinner

They’ll notice. Because they’re superhuman.

Andrew Garfield must have some kind of Spidey-sense, because he and Emma Stone just don’t miss a beat.

A pic of the moment Emma and Andrew realised they were being not-so-secretly snapped while eating dinner has gone viral from Reddit’s homepage and it’s HILARIOUS.

Reddit user TreasureTrolls uploaded the snap that Alejandra Garibay (AKA @alegb21) had originally taken and posted to her Instagram account.

HuffPost Entertainment quizzed Alejandra on the incident who said that although she sees celebs out and about on the regular, she rarely takes a photo. But this was a special occasion because her brother is in “love” with Emma Stone. Makes sense.

“Ultimately I decided to just take one quickly instead of interrupting their dinner. I would never interrupt their dinner like, ‘Can I take your picture?’ So I just wanted to take one really quickly and I guess they saw me,” she said.

Well, yeah. But it's awesome, so thanks.