Here's what Nina Dobrev thinks about Ian Somerhalder's wedding

TBH she's probs too busy doing the splits with Conan Obrien to even care.

Just to be clear, Nina Dobrev is NOT leaving The Vampire Diaries because of Ian Somerhalder. If she was going to do that she probs would have left two years ago when they originally broke up instead of sticking it out for a total of six seasons.

"I've said this before, that we didn't break up because anything bad happened or because there wasn't love or friendship," Nina told E! News. "I love him and the friendship is still strong and I think he's great and I care about him. And that didn't change. Yes, we're professional and that's fine. We were friends long before we dated and we still are now."

While they definitely have stayed friendly and kept things professional, Nina didn’t attend Ian’s wedding to Nikki Reed (can you really blame the girl?), and this is the first time she’s opened up about the whole thing.

"When I heard about the wedding, I thought it was beautiful. They look happy and I am happy and so I don't see why there should be a problem with that. The drama is in the media, it's not with us," she said. "But of course, we're on a teen drama show, everyone's going to look for drama. If there's no drama, there's nothing to write about. I just ignore it."

Besides, when you’ve got Conan Obrien begging you to do the splits on his show, who has time to worry about a silly little thing like your ex getting hitched? Please, enjoy...