Hilary Duff filmed a scary altercation with a photographer and you have to watch it to understand

We’re scared for her.

By Katie Stow

Hilary Duff, icon of our childhoods and now the star of our low-key favourite show, Younger, recently shared a rather haunting video of an altercation she got into with a paparazzi photographer.

Hilary, who is nine months pregnant with her second child, recorded her conversation with said photographer asking him to stop taking pictures and filming her after he had followed her all day long.

Watch the kinda scary video, here:

And this is what Hilary had to say about the whole ordeal in her Instagram caption:

"This guy has been at my sons soccer game this morning then followed me to my sister's house and was basically parked in her drive way to get photos. Followed me to run errands. I politely asked him to let me be and he continues to follow and stalk me down like pray for hours now. This is not ok. I am 9 months pregnant. When people say that's what you get for signing up to be a celebrity it honestly makes me sick. This is every day of every month and it's simply not ok. If a non "celeb"(I'm sorry to use that word) was dealing with this the law would be involved."

This is not the first time that celebs have called out paps for stressing them out and refusing to leave them alone, as only a few months ago Selena Gomez begged a photographer to stop following her because he was "scaring" her.

You can watch her plea here:

Fingers crossed these statements and footage from celebs starts to cause a change in paparazzi's actions, meaning A-listers can feel safer going about their days.