Hot guys at Cannes

But who got panned and who go praised? We’re free to both comfort and celebrate…

Cannes isn’t all about gorgeous ladies in pretty dresses, it’s actually a film festival where the latest movies are debuted for critics and industry insiders, dontcha know.

Obviously some new efforts will be showered with praise while others are totally panned (we’re looking at you, Grace of Monaco).

One star who’s been particularly slammed is Ryan Gosling, whose directorial debut, Lost River (starring Christina Hendricks, Matt Smith and Eva Mendes) premiered at Cannes. The Daily Telegraph described it as “mouth-dryingly lousy” and “so mind-bogglingly pleased with itself that the words ‘five stars – a masterpiece – Ryan Gosling’ might as well appear on the poster.” TIME magazine also used the words “pretentious horsesh**.” Ouch.

It seems the people of Cannes have serious beef with hotties called Ryan, as Ryan Reynolds also fell victim to harsh critics. At a screening for his movie The Captive, he even got booed by the crowd who watched it. The story is of a man looking for his lost daughter who went missing after "he left her in the car while stopping to buy a pie." So at least he had his priorities right. According to Us Weekly, Ryan was a no-show at the film’s after party, instead going for a “low-key late-night snack” with wife Blake Lively, we’re assuming to cry into his burger.

But in slightly more positive ‘hot guys at Cannes’ news, Robert Pattinson seems to have (finally) hit a career breakthrough. He has two films showing at the festival, David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars and David Michod’s Aussie based thriller, The Rover – both of which got rave reviews.

“More than any film before, The Rover announces the 28-year-old former Twilight star as a talented actor of range, capable of disappearing into a complicated role,” stated the New York Post.

It’s no secret that R-Pattz has been desperately trying to be seen as a ‘serious actor’ and not just a hot vampire post Edward Cullen, so after a row of complete flops, we’re guessing he’ll be pretty happy with this outcome.

Channing Tatum’s career is also about to blow up, if word out of Cannes is anything to go by. His performance in his latest film Foxcatcher was described as “astonishing” by The Telegraph, who went on to say “prepare yourselves for a world in which the phrase ‘Academy Award-nominee Channing Tatum’ exists.” We like the sound of that world.