How 19 famous women (and men!) marked International Women's Day 2018

From sweet shout-outs to empowering messages.

By Jessica Chandra
Celebrities celebrating International Women's Day 2018

International Women's Day took place yesterday in Australia, but as it's global, and things like time differences exist, for most of the world, it's happening right now. (An extension on IWD? We'll take it, as it should be International Women's Day every damn day.)

Just like many of us, celebrities and influencers took to social media to share messages of support and empowerment for their fellow ladies. Some posted more general messages, whereas others paid tribute to the important women in their lives — the ones who taught them that they could do anything.

And it's not just the women! There were some famous men who also gave a special shout-out to the women they know.

Take a look.

Carrie Bickmore

Georgia Love

Megan Gale

Kate Waterhouse

Phoebe Tonkin

Nicole Kidman

Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth

Emma Watson

Miley Cyrus

Lucy Hale

Drew Barrymore

Victoria Beckham

David Beckham

Jessica Chastain

Julianne Hough

Laura Dern

Elizabeth Olsen

Gisele Bündchen