Does this piece of evidence mean the next Bachelorette is bisexual?

Men and women can apply?!

Don't even get us started on the amount of drama that would unfold on The Bachelorette if men and women were fighting for the final rose...

Despite the fact that same-sex marriage still isn't legal in Australia (ANY DAY NOW, FOLKS) Channel 10's next season of The Bachelorette could very well be putting on their DGAF hat and casting a bisexual women as their next contender, The Daily Telegraph reports.

In an application form for the reality show, it seems as though the show is looking for men and women. An online casting sheet posted by Star Now advertising for "single men & women" states, "If you’re searching for that special someone and looking for love … Then the next season of The Bachelorette is casting right now."

The post has since been edited to call for men only, but we can't help but wonder... will the lady applicants be part of the ~twist~?

The post comes after Sydney Confidential revealed how women applicants vying for Matty J's love in the upcoming season of The Bachelor, had to be upfront about their waist size, weight, sexual history as well as any potential "skeletons in your ­closet."

Seriously. The shows haven't even started and we don't know if we can handle the drama.