The It-Girls of the 2000's, and their 2017 equivalents

The new guard.

By Mahalia Chang
paris hilton nicole richie

Back in the day (and by ‘back in the day’, we mean, literally, 10 years ago), the reign of the It-girl was total and supreme. It was far beyond a couple of FROW appearances and a magazine cover or two — being a socialite in the era of socialites was a career in itself. From shows, to books, to merch, and not to mention the household name status, the titans of the early 2000s were girls who traversed every single inch of pop culture land, and made it their own.

Nowadays, things are a bit more relaxed. Stars from each industry rule their respective spaces, and their party girl habits are — let’s just say — a little tamer.

But that’s not to say there aren’t parallels, and big ones at that. From career mirroring to life trajectories repeating themselves, here are the girls of our day who have found themselves echoing a time gone by.

1. Paris & Nicky Hilton/Kendall & Kylie Jenner

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Even though The Simple Life and Keeping Up With The Kardashians technically intersected — Kim K being the link — it seems Kylie and Kendall took over the young, popular and rich sisters mantle from Paris and Nicky Hilton. Both coming from super rich families and both being the stars of their own reality TV shows, the past seems to be repeating itself a little. However, despite their real ages, we think Kylie would be Paris (reality star, high profile relationships, catchphrases, etc), while Kendall is the low-key, chill sister, Nicky.

2. Hilary Duff/Selena Gomez

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Both every inch the teen dream queen, Selena and Hilary started as child stars (Hilary on Lizzie McGuire, Selena on Wizards of Waverly Place) and transitioned into the triple-threat stars of their days. Killer style included.

3. Nicole Richie/Sofia Richie

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We know this is cheating a little, because Sofia and Nicole are sisters, but their life trajectories are eerily similar. Both were born into prominent families and found their way into the social scene, a major tabloid moment propelled them into the spotlight (Nicole’s starring role in The Simple Life, and Sofia’s relationship with pop star Justin Bieber). These two are both fashion lovers who are known for their often odd sartorial risks.

4. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen/Gigi & Bella Hadid

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Although there was no shortage of celebrity sisters back in the day, we think Gigi and Bella are a perfect match for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who were the 'It' fashion sisters of their time. Modelling, designing and two sets of similar but distinct styles? We see it.

5. Mischa Barton/Phoebe Tonkin

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Ask any millennial women who they wanted to be in the early 2000s, and they’ll probably tell you ‘Mischa Barton’. She was the star of a hit teen drama, and she was stylish, stunning, and dated the man of our (then) dreams. We think Chanel muse Phoebe Tonkin is running that game, now.

6. Britney Spears/Taylor Swift

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What can we say? These two line up perfectly. Both bubbly blonde all-American sweethearts with more Grammys than we can count, both had high-profile relationships, and both made the transition from sweet pop hits to sexier sounds.

7. Christina Aguilera/Miley Cyrus

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Like Britney and Taylor, these two started out as Disney channel stars and transitioned into music. Both had a moment in the mainstream pop limelight before enjoying a very public, very risqué ‘bad girl phases’ (the Dirrty era for Christina, or Xtina, and the Bangerz phase for Miley). After Dirrty and Bangerz had their moments, both Christina and Miley went back to their relatively normal roots.


  • Author: Mahalia Chang