James McAvoy does not look like this anymore

He's seriously bulked up for his latest role - and fans are loving it

By Dusty Baxter-Wright

In the latest instalment of Woah, That Celebrity Looks Different™, James McAvoy has beefed up for his next role and probably looks completely different to how you remember him.

Best known for playing Mr. Tumnus in A Lion, A Witch And A Wardrobe, Atonement and X:Men, James is currently prepping for new film Glass, due for release in 2019. And by 'prepping', we assume he's been drinking raw eggs, pumping iron and eating horses* for dinner.

*Probably not that last point.


In the film, he plays Kevin Wendell Crumb/The Horde, a young man suffering from dissociative identity disorder. His character apparently has 23 personalities and his body chemistry changes with each personality resulting in a final personality, his 24th, called 'The Beast'.

Which might be why he's looking so pumped.

The actor was pictured getting into his car in Philadelphia, and as you can imagine, fans on Twitter are going wild.

One person wrote, "If you weren't thirsting for James McAvoy before he got thicc you don't deserve to thirst James McAvoy", while another added, "I now see what all this James McAvoy business is about."

A third commented, "James McAvoy has a whole new look and people are salivating."

Well, DAMN.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan UK