The internet’s freaking out over these pics of Jamie Dornan playing with his (golf) balls

And that suss bulge in his pants...

By Natasha Harding
Jamie Dornan Playing Golf

When Jamie Dornan isn’t busy being your kinky dreamboi, Christian Grey, in Fifty Shades of Grey, he’s out golfing, apparently. The actor recently took part in the Irish Open Pro-Am golf Tournament in Londonderry, and he definitely looks the part.


Check out that forward thrust.

Srsly though, Jamie can’t do anything without looking like a low-key modelling campaign.

Or being hassled by adoring fans.

Being the decent guy that he is, Jamie then posed for some Northern Ireland tourism snaps (‘cause, let’s be honest, his face is a sight to behold). While the pic showcases the amazing scenery, the internet couldn’t stop focusing on the other view: the suspect bulge in Jamie’s pants.

Sure, it could be a golf ball, but they had an absolute field day investigating whether it was something else…

To recap, Jamie is absolute perfection. But you already knew that.

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