Jason Mamoa's Game Of Thrones audition is THE BEST

It’s every bit as terrifying and awesome as you’d imagine.

Any Game of Thrones fan will tell you that Khal Drogo is a badass. He’s meant to make you feel fear in places you didn’t know existed. So it’s only right that Jason Momoa thought up the most terrifying way to audition, ever.

During an interview with AOL Jason explained that he was originally given a Drogo scene to read for his audition that consisted of him repeatedly saying “no”. After taking some advice from a friend, he decided to perform the Haka for his audition instead.

The traditional Maori war cry, which Jason described as "not a scene you do before a love scene," impressed D. B. Weiss and David Benioff so much that they asked him to come back and perform it for a second time, which is what the above video shows.

Sure, it’s not in Dothraki but we can totally see why he got the role...