So, Jenna Dewan was given a box of vibrators from Janet Jackson, because life is odd

A certified Channing Tatum replacement.

By Katie Stow

After falling in love with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan in Step Up and stalking them on Instagram almost daily after they got hitched, it came as a brutal blunt-force blow to the soul when the couple announced that they were breaking up.

Since the split, Jenna has remained firmly in the public eye as she's currently promoting her new series, World of Dance, on which she's a judge alongside Jennifer Lopez, Ne-yo and Derek Hough.

On her promo tour, she hit up the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, where she spoke about her early days as a dancer. She revealed that her big break came after starring in a Janet Jackson music video, when Janet asked her personally to come and be a dancer on her tour.

Jenna still credits Janet Jackson today for her whole career, but she revealed to Jimmy that Janet was such a good, "generous" boss who gifted her a diamond watch that she plans to sell if everything goes to shit.

But perhaps the weirdest gift Jenna ever received from Janet was what she refers to as a "pleasure chest," AKA a big box of vibrators.

Jenna explains that despite her only be 19 years-old at the time, Janet gifted every one of her backup dancers with a box of sex toys for Valentine's Day. How romantic!

You can see Jenna Dewan talk about the whole debacle in this clip:

We can only hope that the incredible dancer kept the iconic "Pleasure Chest" safe all these years!