Jennifer Lawrence calls pap a "f--king loser" after he tries to pat her dog

This is what a protective dog mama looks like.

Jennifer Lawrence is a feisty pet owner who isn’t afraid to bite back at impolite people who touch her dog without permission.

Case in point was this week when the Oscar-winner and her pup, Pippi Lawrence Stocking (yes, really!) were trying to exit LAX while a throng of photographers huddled around her.

As the flashes went off one rubbernecking TMZ videographer tried to bug Jen about a pretty intense situation earlier this month when a private plane she was on had to make an emergency landing while it was en route to take her to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

"Have you been scared off flying private for good now?," he asked a silent J-Law as she tried to make her way through the crowd.

Flanked with people all around, Jen managed to keep her cool until the overstepping pap reached down to pat her dog - a move the actress didn’t appreciate at all.

"Don't touch my dog, you f--king loser," Jen said before scooping tiny Pippi up and hopping in the car.

Welp... ain’t nothing wrong with being a protective dog mama ¯_(ツ)_/¯