Jennifer Lopez turned her level of extra up by putting actual $100 notes on her nails

Dollar dollar nails, y’all.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
jennifer lopez nails

It's safe to say that all eyes were glued firmly on Jennifer Lopez's all-burgundy ensemble on this year's Billboard Music Awards red carpet. In hindsight, instead of focusing on her plunging neckline and leather knee-high boots, we should have been directing our attention to her killer manicure.

Recently, Jenny from the block's go-to nail artist, Tom Bachik, shared a close-up of her BMA's mani, revealing that there were actual $100 notes worked into the nail art. After all, what better to pair with diamond-covered fingers than cold hard cash?

To take JLo's already-extra nails up a notch, Tom used a mix of gold loose glitter, gold diamantes and what looks to be actual gold leaf.

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While adding actual money to a manicure is pretty extreme, there was a method to the madness. The expensive nails were a tribute to Jlo's new single, 'Dinero', which is literally Spanish for 'money'.

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And considering the BMA's were the first time she was performing the song live, Jen obviously wanted her whole outfit — bougie nails included — to be totally on theme.

She also ended her performance by showering her audience in cash, so in comparison, a cheeky hundred bucks on her nails doesn't seem so OTT.

This isn't the first time Tom has created a seriously impressive set of nails for the singer. For JLo's 'El Anillo' music video, he created these incredibly detailed acrylics for a scene where JLo was dripping in gold. Is anyone else getting serious Game Of Thrones vibes from this look?

Meanwhile, we're all here looking at JLo's nails like:

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