Jennifer Lopez turned 49 this week and we honestly don't understand

Has she aged? How many abs does she have? So many important questions.

By Kate Wagner

This week, J.Lo turned 49. Forty. Nine. Like one off 50. You know who doesn't look like J.Lo? Any other 49-year-old in the entire world.

Jenny from the block has not only not aged, she's Benjamin freaking Buttoned. She looks even better now then she did as the maid in Manhattan 15 years ago. Ugh, who are we kidding, she's always been flawless.

Photos from her party show her eating cake (cake!) and radiating the glow that comes from being the hottest person in the entire world (this is fact, please do not @ us).

To honour all of her abs, we've found her hottest pics and vids and, in advance, you're welcome.