Jensen Ackles shared the first photo of his baby twins and our ovaries can't handle it

This is two cute.

By Jessica Chandra
Jensen Ackles twins

We know we’re only a couple of weeks into 2017, but we’d officially like to give Jensen Ackles and his family the Cutest Family Award.

The Supernatural actor shared the first picture of his baby twins, Zeppelin and Arrow, and OMG can you handle how sweet this is?

He even used the hashtag #spnfamily because they are part of the Supernatural fam! And he showed off his super dad skills by (bottle) feeding both babies at the same time.

Jensen’s wife Danneel gave birth to Zeppelin and Arrow in December, and they joined their big sister Justice Jay (JJ).

When they were born, Jensen announced the news with this Dr. Seuss-inspired Instagram post.

We are so ready for more baby spam from Dean Winchester Jensen.