We could watch Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth banter all day

Although this particular video will be infinitely easier to watch if you speak German.

She wasn’t feeling her best, but Jennifer Lawrence was still her charming self during an appearance on German chat show Wetten Daas..? over the weekend.

JLaw sat alongside Liam Hemsworth to promote Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and had to apologise for Josh Hutcherson’s absence. Apparently he was even sicker than Jen.

The hosts joked that their shared illness was because of too much tonsil hockey. Liam felt left out because he wasn’t sick too. But DW Liam, we’ll happily share our germs with you.

Aside from apologising for how sick she was and giving the hosts Strep Throat, Jen also got excited about fellow guests on the show, One Direction, as it turns out her dog's a big fan.

"Every time he hears Story of My Life, he sings the entire thing from beginning to end. He howls it and so now I've become a fan," she explained.

Excuse us while we enjoy the mental image of JLaw and her dog howling along to One Direction.

Okay, we’re good.

Other interesting info to come from the interview is that Liam’s mum was a sex education teacher, which lead to a few awkward moments given the German/English language barrier.

When Liam explains that once in class his mum handed out pieces of paper with different STIs on them, and he was given Chlamydia, Jen chirps in quick as a flash with, "Your mother gave you chlamydia!"